For The Love Of God, Yahtzee!


Sorry this took so long guys, but this is such a packed full episode from our busy little lives..

Over the past few months, we attended Genericon in Troy, NY, The Albany Toy Show in Albany, NY and our first ever trip to Super Mega Fest in Marlborough, MA.

We had such a great time, thanks #SuperMegaFest for having us.

We were also lucky enough to sit down with Sam Chase for a little con-talk prior to Chase-Con in Saratoga Springs, NY.

Tons of stuff for you guys to check out on the dot com ( so check it out, and be sure to check out our Super Mega Fest picture album at

Thank you all for being patient, we love you guys! Be sure to subscribe if you haven't, share, and like all of our shit.

Later nerds!

…welcome to the cult


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