So, Max named this one.... thanks Max.

Anyway, HEY NERDS!... thanks for checking out another episode of the geek culture podcast, our favorite Coloradoan (Max) is hanging out and we talk about some of the newest news to the geek scene.

He asks me about my thoughts on the new Ghostbusters movie, Pokemon GO, E3, video games, and a ton of other stuff.

WE ALSO HAVE AN EVENT COMING UP! Infinity Con in Lake George NY is July 9th and 10th and we are going to be there in all of our awesomeness and glory.. hang out with us, drink beer and get a free high five. #WOOTWOOT

So as always, sit back, relax, and enjoy this clever, and visually named podcast, "COWWWWWWch."

...welcome to the cult


If you can’t get enough of us, creep harder.




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Infinity Con

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