Welcome all, old and new.... because of you all sharing our little podcast, we are growing at an EXPONENTIAL RATE!

We also just got back from VT Comic Con where we made some awesome friends, and took some incredible pictures of cosplayers! If we took your picture, chances are it made it up on our Facebook page, so go look for that album and don't forget to like us over there too!

In this eppisode Tom hangs out with Max from Colorado and talks about a few news stories fresh off the press, including the new iPhone 7, PlayStation Pro, Hartford Comic Con, and a TON OF OTHER STUFF!

We also create a huge "call-to-action" at the end of this episode, so if you make it to the end, PLEASE consider do what we talk about.

We love you nerds, and thanks for making us a part of your bi-weekly lives and interacting with us on all out media.

....welcome to the cult


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